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The siren song

Posted by on 27 août 2015

The weeks pass quickly and everything speeds up, our little B & B takes shape (and also takes the water. It leaks from the shower on the first floor, into the kitchen … Good to tweak a few settings and everything should return in order). Punta Preciosa be earned …

Waiting to start the decor for several days, we clean, clean, clean, and also récurons …. It left for a ballet buckets, sponges, mops, brooms, all in a very hubbub household.

And then suddenly, like a call away … it comes from the beach, both a mixture of high sounds and sounds of water!

They are there, well … Right there … outside the house.

Here everyone tells his story about his first meeting with them, and every time we have the mouth water. But when our turn come? For months, we expect their visit.

Would not this a myth? The sirens of the Golfo Dulce!

But yes, they are there. It’s magic, I again 5 years, I can not believe my eyes! I even have to wipe a few tears!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for so much emotion

They have multiple names: humpback whales, humpback whales and humpback whales, they are 15 to 17 meters long and weigh around 40 tonnes, but for us, it was the sirens of the Golfo Dulce, and ballet is a real moment of dream .

Thank you to our favorite guide, Tico Haroutiounian for his great pictures.

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